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  • Talent strategy

Delight has now owned a R&D and design team with over 60 members, including 6 senior engineers, 4 professors from famous universities, 3 foreign experts and 8 doctors. Over 90% of technicians are from major domestic OEMs. The technicians covers design and development, trial production, simulation analysis, production and other professional fields of engine with many years experience in engine development and management.

The engine R&D and design team has been awarded as excellent industrial design team and enterprise technology innovation team for many times. In recent years, the engine R&D team has hosted several national science and technology platform projects, international science and technology cooperation projects, municipal major science and technology projects and so on. Besides great social benefits, more than 10 breakthrough innovative designs have been completed. In the latest 3 years, gratifying results with over 100 independent patents and over 20 professional papers have been achieved.

The next five years is an important period for the leap development of companys talents development. In order to become the leading enterprise of internal combustion engine in China, Delight will develop in multiple fields including establishment a reasonable talent structure, adherence to technological innovation, living security improvement, management innovation optimization and so on with the management consciousness of talent thriving enterprise and core principle of talent only, better use.

First, Reasonable Structure and Scale of Talents

Delight pays attention to the introduction and training of innovative talents and actively introduce young and middle-aged technical personnel majoring in internal combustion engine mechanical design, simulation analysis, engine bench test, product production technology and other professional directions. Delight trained those professionals who have senior title and capabilities of design and engineering development, management and outstanding innovation to be leader in the positions of technology and management in order to overall improve the quality of sci-tech personnel.

Second, Constantly Enhanced Innovation and R&D Level

The R&D and design team adheres to integrated innovation and independent development, aimed at improving the performance of domestic engine products, reducing fuel consumption, saving energy, and vigorously promoting the development of Chinas engine technology. The service level of engine R&D and design was enhanced through successful experience of various high-performance engine development.

Third, Thorough Living and Office Conditions

Favorable office environment and humanized management create pleasant working atmosphere for employees. Besides many basic benefits including five insurances and housing fund, working meal, wedding gift, festival gift, health examination, company trip, quality development and paid leave, housing allowance, on-the-job master/PhD subsidy and other welfare are also provided.

Fourth, Sound Management Mechanism

Delight not only improves technical service level constantly, but also establishes standardized management rules and regulations gradually. Talent competitiveness is enhanced by establishing the employment mechanism of respecting talents, cultivating talents and giving full play to individual potential and improving constantly the talent system of introduction, training, selection, use, incentive and security.

Delight is committed to creating benign competition atmosphere of fair, just, open to provide each employee with comprehensive personal development and training opportunities. Delight, a stage dedicated to the development of engine technology and a stage to show yourself and realize your dream, sincerely invites you to join us.