Engineering Services

  • CAE分析

Power assembly matching

⑴ Powertrain modal matching

⑵ Suspension system analysis

⑶ Vehicle matching analysis

CFD Calculation

⑴ Intake manifold CFD

⑵ Exhaust manifold CFD

⑶ Intake and exhaust CFD

⑷ Aftertreatment CFD

⑸ Cooling water jacket CFD

⑹ Lubrication system CFD

⑺ Respiratory system CFD

Performance Calculation

⑴ Thermodynamic calculation

⑵ Cooling system calculation

⑶ Lubrication system  

Moving System Calculation

⑴ Crankshaft dynamic calculation

⑵ Piston dynamics calculation

⑶ Balancing axis simulation analysis

⑷ Calculation of equilibrium rate

⑸ Bearings EHD

⑹ Gas distribution dynamics

⑺ V / P clearance calculation

NVH Calculation

⑴ Noise analysis of radial flow in inlet and exhaust system

⑵ Calculation of radiated noise in oil pan

⑶ System motion analysis       

⑷ Complete machine NVH analysis

Strength Calculation

⑴ Calculation and analysis of strength of main bearing wall

⑵ Fatigue analysis of cylinder head and cylinder assembly

⑶ Fatigue strength of supports

⑷ Fatigue strength of connecting rod

⑸ Fatigue strength of exhaust pipe